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Aguirangan Island - (Rose Islet) Lagonoy Gulf The coral formation surrounding the island stretches about a kilometer on the northern side. Submarine canyons, deep vertical walls and other unique formations make this 1.5 hectare island a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Camp on the beach or stay first class at Aguirangan View Hotel just across the island. Also, explore Adiangao Caves and savor the invigorating waters of Kinahulogan falls.
Caramoan Peninsula - Philippine's Secret Paradise Tales of hidden treasures along the sea caves of Caramoan Peninsula persist until today. Sans these treasures, the underwater beauty of the area is enough magnet for lovers of the undersea. The Maqueda Channel treats the thrill seeking divers to avariety of big game fish such as mackerels, jack and blue marlin.
Pasacao Ragay Gulf Camarines Sur's latest addition to the roster of ecological sites is the Ragay Gulf where marine enthusiasts will be fascinated by the dolphins of Camarines Sur. Spotted and indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins have been regular visitors and are permanent denizens of Ragay Gulf most frequently from December to August.
Sorsogon Enjoy an unforgettable experience interacting with the friendly "Butandings", or whale sharks which congregate in such great numbers along the shorelines of Donsol, Sorsogon. Whale sharks (rhincodon typus) are the largest fish in the world, they grow to as much as 50 feet in lenght. For the more daring and adventurous, the waters of Ticao Pass have their own special attraction, manta rays.

The Steady Eddie Dive Experience

The first time you visit Bicol and come with us as a valued guest, you’ll find out that it is just easier and more fun to scuba dive with Steady Eddie. More and more people are discovering what it’s like here in Bicol. Steady Eddie provides you with no less than astounding dive experience during your stay. Diving with Steady Eddie is simply fantastic! Be pampered as a guest and be treated like a friend!

We now accept CREDIT CARD PAYMENT for all services.
We are the only Dive Center in Bicol Region with
Credit Card Payment Facilities

We also offer Currency Exchange Services.



Why the Name?

To get that question out of your mind, “EDDIE”, is the name of the owner. A hard core diver himself, Eduardo Sison’s (fondly called as Eddie) has long discovered that Bicol has nothing much to offer divers except its pristine marine environments. What followed soon after this realization was the birth of Steady Eddie Dive Center.